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Design and production of cylinders according to the European directives 2014/68/UE PED, enclosure 3, H form, and the EN 3   European rules:    cylinders suitable for portable fire extinguishers Ø 150, 160, 170 and 180 mm; 6, 9 and 12 kg   cylinders suitable for wheeled fire extinguishers Ø 300 mm  Materials: carbon steel (pickled) and stainless steel. Certified welding processes: wire welding with MAG (metal-arc active gas) process  Automatic sandblasting with metal grid, inside and outside the cylinders Lining process with polymer powder (plasticization)   Outside painting process with powder coating RAL 3000  Air, hydraulic and dielectric tests (for the water models) on 100% of production  Random burst test as per the EN3-8 rule   Both the whole production and every test are performed internally by the personnel of the company: 
Welding of ring nut on the top
longitudinal welding
swaging and marking
clip for wall bearing
circumferential welding
clip for hose bearing
Air test
Lining sandblasting for lined cylinders (water model)
hydraulic test
Lining plasticization with polymer powder (water model)
section of lined plasticized cylinder
painting with powder coating RAL 3000
outside sandblasting
dielectric test for plasticization (water model)
Domestic trasport
International transport
burst tests
Fire Extinguishers