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Automatic or manual wire welding, submerged arc welding, robot, brazing and electric resistance welding. Both welding processes

and skilled personnel are certified as per the international rules. While production is running non destructive inspections are made

on 100% of the pieces manufactured through visual examination (UNI EN ISO 9712, VT, IInd level) and radiographical controls.

Moreover, according to the classification of products, destructive inspections can be made using tensile and burst tests.

automatic wire welding
submerged arc welding
manual wire welding
brazing welding
electric resistance welding


automatic, inside and outside, for fire extinguisher cylinders. Outside: turbine shot blasting machine and grit centrifugal shooting.

Inside: from the cabinet with automatic rotary satellites through nozzles of different size and blowing. manual for mixer wagons

through a free jet in a blast-room 8x6x3,8mt.

Outside: automatic sandblasting
Inside: automatic sandblasting
manual sandblasting


automatic electrostatic painting with powder coating RAL 3000 for fire extinguisher cylinders.

manual with a spray gun, for painting small components. First of all primer undercoating, and then coating.

automatic painting
manual painting


Automatic, with polymer powder, for the internal part of fire extinguisher cylinders. Thanks to the rotary process a uniform

distribution and, consequently, heating and cooking are guaranteed. Minimum thickness of the lining: 500 micron.

Automatic plasticization for the internal part of fire extinguisher cylinders
Section of a plasticizated cylinder


out-sourcing processing made hot-dipping the product in a molten zinc bath. The best solution to protect manure spreader tanks

and slurry tanks against corrosion.

Manufacturing Process